How do you roll a windmill joint?

Welcome to the supreme discipline of joint building. Although the windmill joint can no longer be considered a classic joint, we still wanted to include it because practically nothing is known or found about it. Who is the great unknown? At least it is absolutely a matter for the boss! With 4 joints burning at the same time, definitely not for beginners.

Today we will try to build a monument to this legendary joint and share his art with you. Unfortunately, we have to delete the word “simple” from this blog post. It will be challenging and rewarding once it is accomplished.

What we need:

⇨ Cardboard paper

⇨ scissors or a sharp object

⇨ glue that is as neutral as possible (heat-tolerant)

⇨ Endless papers

⇨ 4 thin, pre-rolled joints without a tip or filter, but with cannabis

⇨ thin cord

Let's start! Read the instructions, get set, go!

Step 1: We need to build/craft a sleeve

In the hope that your last Art Attack experience wasn't too long ago, we first need a specially made sleeve made of cardboard paper. This will later become the basis for your windmill. Only use thicker cardboard paper here. Roll this joint together in a similar, conical, tapered manner and glue the overlaps together. Let everything dry.

By the way: You are free to choose the size of the sleeve, the only thing that will be important later on is that it can still be closed (typically with conventional king-size or endless papers). It ensures that the smoke stays nice and cool - the larger your sleeve, the cooler the smoke.

Step 2: The casing

Next you need your paper. This is now placed around the large opening using the adhesive strip (wet it first). This should be done in such a way that the 50% with adhesive strips on the sleeve and the other 50% of the paper protrude upwards. This should allow the sleeve to be closed further down the line. Do you think you have survived the “worst”? Not even close! Quickly go to step 3 before you run out of strength.

Step 3: Every good sleeve needs holes

It could be a saying, but as the title suggests, your life is now in danger - in the truest sense. In the upper third we now need 2 opposite holes through the sleeve. For this you can either use scissors or a sharpened colored pencil. Push this completely through the sleeve and repeat this process until you have 4 parallel holes in the sleeve. The holes should be approximately the size of the diameter of your pre-rolled joints. The whole thing is slowly taking shape.

Step 4: Sleeves for the sleeve

Yes, you read that right, we need more pods - 2 of them. But this time in the diameter of your holes in the base sleeve. The cardboard lid of your long cardboard packaging is often suitable for this size. These new, smaller sleeves should be approximately twice as long as the diameter of the base sleeve at its thickest point. Complicated, I know, but at least you have something very special going on here.

Now cut out half of the middle third of both small sleeves so that they would fit together as a “rotor”.

Step 5: It's (almost) time

It'll be done soon, I promise. Now push the two small, cut sleeves with their opening (should be in the middle of the large sleeve) down into the large one. To ensure that the two fit together well, you can help a little from above. What currently looks very artistic will soon be your finished windmill. There's just one last step left.

Step 6: Done - you are a true craftsman

Last but not least, grab the excess paper at the top of the large sleeve and twist it together in the middle. To ensure that it stays tight, we recommend tying a small piece of thread around it and tightening it. There is only one important detail missing - the wind turbines. So put your 4 pre-built joints into the holder of the thin sleeves that are facing outwards. Did it!

In principle, your windmill can be reused. After all the effort, you definitely deserve multiple uses. Simply insert new joints and light them.

Anyone can roll a normal joint - this baby is special. Enjoy it!

Frequently asked questions about the Windmill Joint

A windmill joint is a special type of joint that is reminiscent of a windmill because of its shape. Building your own windmill joint isn't difficult, you just need the usual utensils for rolling a joint - papers, filters and of course the weed. You just have to make sure that when you turn the leaves, they are arranged so that they form the shape of a windmill.

To make a windmill joint, you'll need the same supplies as you would for rolling a regular joint. These are essentially papers, a filter and of course the grass. In addition, you need a little more patience and sensitivity to achieve the windmill shape.

The amount of weed needed to roll a windmill joint depends on the size you want to achieve and how tight you roll the joint. In general you can say that you will need about the same amount of weed as 4 regular joints.

Rolling a windmill joint differs primarily in the shape that the joint should have at the end. While a normal joint has the shape of a cylinder, the windmill joint is said to have the shape of a windmill. This requires a slightly different turning technique and a little more patience.

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