How do you smoke a joint?

Before you light your first joint, you should read this:

So the time has come, you have decided to put an end to your virginity. The fact that you come to me for this makes us brothers, so to speak - in spirit. This will immediately make you popular!

Enough of the sentimentality, you're here to learn how to celebrate your first cannabis use in the best possible way. So let's go through the factors that are crucial for this. Sit back and let yourself drift in the moment - so much in advance. So breathe in deeply... and don't forget to breathe out! Consuming cannabis needs to be learned.

Factor 1: Choose the best time of day

So the first crucial factor is time! What do I mean by that? When you first consume it, you should be able to confront the effect (high) and take the time to understand how it affects you. Clear recommendation - do it when all your to-do's for the day have been completed and you can sit back with a clear conscience. Experience has shown that you won't get anything done afterwards. Furthermore, you no longer have annoying things floating around in your head that could dampen your mood. It's time for relaxation.

In general, I would say that the evening hours are the best to enjoy a relaxed joint for the first time. Take note of this and allow yourself a break.

Factor 2: Choose the best environment

It's actually like the third date. Your place shines and smells like lavender and roses for the first time ever. First of all, congratulations on that!

But what I would actually like to advise you is that if you decide to spend your first time at home - which, by the way, can make a lot of sense (after all, it is your safe zone and nothing will upset you so quickly) - yes then, all disruptive elements should be largely eliminated.

Switch on the ambient lighting, have a few delicacies ready to hand - plenty of them! Place a water next to you and bring good music to your ears. Create your perfect moment.

Alternatively, you can enjoy the moment somewhere outside with headphones. Find a place with a lot of vision. You decide!

Factor 3: Stay hydrated

Always drink enough! I'm now passing on to you what I've had to hear from my doctor for years.

After you take the first few puffs, you will notice your mouth craving liquid. Don't deprive him of this and always have water or juice within reach. Otherwise, after smoking weed, you will quickly “suffer” from what is popularly known as “paper mouth”.

Marijuana (also called weed) is the dried flowers, stems and leaves of the plant. Hashish, on the other hand (also known as dope, shit or piece), is the dried resin extracted from the glands of the female plant.

Factor 4: Prepare for cravings in advance

We're repeating ourselves a bit - if you haven't noticed, I don't think this is about the first joint! But this is to reinforce how important it is. It is known beyond the borders that every smoker reaches for the refrigerator at some point. Finding it empty is certain doom at that moment.

So make sure you have enough “snacks” on hand.

Tip: Get something fresh and juicy, it will also alleviate the aforementioned problem with factor 3. Here, too, there are no limits to your imagination.

Factor 5: Not on an empty stomach

What applies after, also applies before. So you shouldn't consume your first joint on an empty stomach. This can greatly increase the effects of the cannabis and change your smoking experience. Compare it to drinking alcohol on an empty stomach - you'll get "drunk" much quicker. However, remember that too much “base” can delay your high, so stay patient.

This also applies to edibles containing cannabinoids (another method of ingesting cannabis).

Factor 6: Take it easy

Everyone has a different tolerance, and finding out yours requires a bit of sensitivity - so don't overdo it at the beginning and just leave it to a few hits. You will quickly notice whether you can pull again or whether you are served for the moment. Of course, this also depends entirely on what your mixing ratio between marijuana and tobacco looks like.

Smoking with a bong or pipe is a little more difficult to dose, so trust your feelings and listen to yourself every now and then. With a vaporizer or a joint with an activated carbon filter, you can control this feeling as best as possible, as little to no pollutants hit you that can influence your condition. If you're not a smoker, the tobacco alone can knock you out, regardless of the herb.

Factor 7: Choose the right variety

As a layperson, which you still are, this is of course not that easy. However, a low THC content is recommended initially (this is responsible for the psychoactive effect). So be sure to get individual advice about your weed or if the source isn't that reputable, just take less at first. Basically you can say that the stickier your bud, the more potent, i.e. stronger, your hemp. Of course, there are a few other things that play a crucial role.

Sativa active ingredient: stimulating, intoxicating, focusing

Indica active ingredient: Relaxing, slowing, introspective

These are the two most common types of cannabis.

Factor 8: Your best

When smoking, you shouldn't be alone. Bring your best to it. This is not only a lot more fun, but also gives you additional security. Choose here who you have a good vibe with, this will ensure the best deep talk later. You should surround yourself with positive people anyway - I don't have to tell you that.

The moral of the story: Get tight with the right companions.

Factor 9: Don't mix it with other substances

It should be obvious, but I would still like to list it as a factor.

In order to get a true impression of how the high feels for you, you should avoid other substances while smoking weed. Alcohol, for example, can not only distort your perception, but in the worst case scenario you can also experience nausea and vomiting. It becomes much more difficult to estimate the dose that is still good for you. Be careful here!

Factor 10: How you feel

With all this, don't be nervous and stay relaxed. Your mindset plays a crucial role in whether or not you can enjoy your high. There's nothing you have to worry about. Be positive about this experience and get involved in this mind-expanding thing.

Additional factor: Your only seat is the passenger seat

After consuming or ingesting cannabis you are unfit to drive! Even if you don't feel any of this, you shouldn't even think about driving. Appeal to your reason here. As a newbie, it can be difficult to consciously perceive this limitation.

If you absolutely have to go somewhere, have someone else drive you. As a consumer, make sure that you do not do anything rashly that could endanger yourself and/or others. You will thank yourself later for this decision.

You now know how to “smoke properly”.

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Finally, here are a few questions that may have already crossed your mind

Smoking too much weed can lead to a number of side effects. These include paranoia, anxiety, panic attacks, increased heart rate, dizziness and nausea. In extreme cases it can even lead to psychosis. Additionally, one may also experience negative physical effects such as dry mouth, red eyes, and increased appetite. So it's all a question of dosage.

If the high becomes too intense, there are some techniques that can help. One of them is to lie down and breathe deeply. Some people also find that taking a shower or bath can be helpful. It can also be helpful to stay hydrated or eat something. By the way: CBD can also help to mitigate the effects of THC.

Some people report having a hangover after smoking cannabis. This can manifest itself in the form of tiredness, dry mouth and eyes, mild headaches and a foggy feeling in the head. However, it is not comparable to the hangover you get after drinking alcohol.

It is not uncommon to experience little or no effect the first time you use cannabis. This can be due to several factors, including the quality of the marijuana (poor quality), the amount used, and the technique used when smoking weed. In addition, the body needs some time to retain the information and respond to the cannabinoids contained in the plant. cb1 receptors must first be activated.

For beginners, it's often best to start small. Smoke a small hit of the joint and then let it work for a few minutes to decide whether you need to add more. You smoke blunts, similar to tobacco on your lungs. Sometimes inhaling less is more. Otherwise, uncontrolled coughing may occur.

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