Activated carbon filter in the pack

Discover our premium activated carbon filters with fiber caps in different packaging units and colors!


Activated carbon filter in glass

Discover the Medusafilters activated carbon filters in a resealable and odor-proof glass for a sustainable smoking experience!


Shortpapers 1 1/4 Size Slim

Our 1 1/4 Size Slim Papers measure 78mm x 45mm. Ideal for rolling cigarettes or small joints.


Longpapers King Size Slim

The Medusafilters Longpapers in King Size Slim format for the finest burning behavior and taste-free smoking!


Rolls and other papers

Discover our other variations of papers here, such as the Endless Rolls or the Papers 3 in 1 with an integrated construction tray and grating surface!


Spike Grinder

Our high-quality, 4-part spike grinder made of anodized aluminum always looks great! Thanks to the innovative spike design, even the stickiest herbs are ground into small pieces. In addition to a perfect grip when grinding, powerful magnets ensure that nothing falls out of the grinder.


Smoking accessories

Here you will find all the accessories for the perfect joint. In addition to the classics such as ashtrays and lighters, you can also find glass tips, rolling trays and Medusafilters merchandise!

Media kits and price lists for comprehensive product information


Download our media kits and price lists to find out all the details about our products.