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The Medusafilters: The first activated carbon filters that combined the finest coconut activated carbon and vegan fiber caps into the ultimate filter. Our filters offer you less polluting smoking without compromises, even on cold days. Say goodbye to fine dust and droplets in your mouth thanks to our fiber caps.


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Why are our activated carbon filters special?

Medusafilters combines two things that are important to us: quality and sustainability. Our filters not only score points for their ease of use and top quality, but also for their green footprint. Produced regionally and using solar power, they are made from the highest quality materials directly from the region. With a comfortable diameter of 6 mm and 25 mm length, they ensure incomparable smoking pleasure, just like you are used to with a regular tip - but without the annoying clogging.

The health benefit of our filters

The magic of our filters lies in the activated carbon they contain. It is a real miracle cure when it comes to removing harmful substances such as nicotine, tar and other unwanted ingredients from your smoke. With our activated carbon filters, you can reduce the level of these substances in your smoke and enjoy your joint to the fullest.

There are also bonus points for the more pleasant smoke: free of dust and annoying particles, it reduces odor and visible smoke particles and allows you to smoke completely relaxed even in company. Not only are they efficient, but they also help protect your lungs from the negative effects of smoking.

This is how you find the right activated carbon filter

In ourShopYou will find a wide range of activated carbon filters. No matter what type of smoking you prefer - we have the right offer for you. You can buy activated carbon filters cheaply from us without having to forego quality. That is our promise to you. Our filters are absolutely dust-free and guarantee a pleasant and clean smoking experience.

If you have any questions or need help choosing the right filter,we are happy to be at your disposal. We hope you enjoy browsing and of course enjoying your joint or bag with one of our high-quality activated carbon filters from Medusafilters.

Diverse joint designs with activated carbon filters

Whether you prefer a classic joint or are looking for new, exciting shapes, styles and strains, activated carbon filters are extremely adaptable. You can use them in conventional cigarette shapes or incorporate them into special joint designs, such as "cross joints," "twisted joints," or even "cannabis cocktails." ACross jointconnects two joints in the shape of a cross, allowing you to smoke two types or flavors at the same time. TheTulip jointis a special type of rolling in which the end of the joint is opened and shaped into a tulip-like flower. ACannabis cocktailon the other hand, combines different cannabis strains in a joint to combine multiple flavors as a filling and achieve different effects. Activated carbon filters allow you to experiment and create your own unique joint work of art while reaping the health benefits of the filters.

Frequently asked questions about our activated carbon filters

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