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Medusa Longpapers - unbleached

<transcy>Medusa Longpapers - unbleached</transcy>

Medusa Longpapers - unbleached

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Do you want the best burning behavior, tasteless papers? We also !

Our Medusa Longpapers are just right for you. They have everything your heart desires: a natural rubber coating, they are vegan and organic.

Our papers are made of unbleached fibers! That's why the natural color.
The papers have a high quality standard, easily recognizable by the fact that they are so thin. So you can easily see through.
This not only saves paper but also benefits the taste.
  • Unique design
  • Unflavoured
  • 32 leaves
  • King Size Slim
  • unbleached

Made in Germany
Lovingly hand-packed
100% natural